Glycerine Extracts

All Natural and Handcrafted by You

Learn the Art of Making Glycerites For Cosmetics

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Just  Imagine

if you could capture and retain the natural fragrance of fresh strawberries, delicate violet flowers, or crisp cucumber slices and add it to your handcrafted cosmetics. 

You can! It's easy to learn and doesn't even require pricey equipment!

Glycerine is ideal for extracting delicate scents from fresh flowers and fragrant herbs other solvents are unable to capture. And glycerine has so much more to offer!

Why Glycerine

Glycerine (glycerin / glycerol) is the second most common cosmetic ingredient in the world, and it's not without reason. Glycerine helps skin retain moisture, acts as a protectant in cosmetics with surfactants, and helps precious active ingredients reach the deeper layers of the skin. 

Glycerine can easily be transformed into a multifunctional skincare ingredient – a glycerite. Glycerites retain the original properties of glycerine along with the extracted components of the infused material.   

A handcrafted glycerite adds an extra dimension to your cosmetics.

Everything you need to know


"The Art of Making Glycerites for Cosmetics provides the reader with a complete set of tools to create their own bespoke ingredients – it's great for beginners as well as professionals and full of inspirational photos." 

— Rebecca Wright, Formulator, Owner of [M] Botanicals


Whats' Included

The Art of Making Glycerites for Cosmetics is 114 pages of richly illustrated, step by step information on every process of making a glycerine extraction - from the calculation of your batch to choosing the right containers, preparation of materials, infusion times, straining methods, monitoring, storage, and much more. 

The e-book includes 6 unique cosmetic formulations featuring glycerites.

Whether you are a full time professional artisan or just getting started making cosmetics, you'll find loads of tips, examples, a troubleshooting section and links to more resources.

Make your artisan cosmetics truly bespoke - make your own glycerites!

Make self-preserving glycerites 


"This is a beautiful book and an indispensible tool."

— Kaja Bolken Malouf, Founder of Soapmaking with Natural Ingredients Forum

A Complete Guide


Create with Confidence


You'll be equipped to compose your own all-natural creations

Glycerites for cosmetics can be made with flowers, plants, herbs, foods, vegetables, spices - the sky is (almost) the limit.

Are you ready to get busy making your own unique cosmetics?


The formula for this all natural lip stain is in the book


About the Author

Lise M Andersen – known as LisaLise – is a self-taught professional cosmetics formulator with a lifelong passion of working with 'everything green'.

Based in Copenhagen Denmark, she offers custom cosmetics and formulations through her website: LisaLise Pure Natural Skin Care and journals her work at LisaLiseBlog.

She has written and published several books on DIY cosmetics with minimalism and 'less-is-more' as her driving inspiration.